Antique French Mazarine Chandelier

Antique French Mazarine Chandelier

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A very rare and unique French Mazarine chandelier with extra large tear drop crystals

Mazarine chandeliers are unique in that they are made of brass or more commonly bronze, and then have a layer of ormolu, which is a method of plating metals with gold

Ormolu is a very old technique of plating metal items with mercury. The layer of gold is mixed with mercury, called an amalgam. The item is then placed in a kiln, baked, and the mercury evaporates, leaving the gold layer.

This is a dangerous technique, and many workers in the industry would die of mercury poisoning. This has generally been replaced by the electroplating method, where gold is laid onto other metals, and an electric current is used to evaporate the other ions left, leaving the gold on the other metal.

Composition: A bronze frame, plated in ormolu, with extra large high quality crystals, restored by Delos

1000mm h x 700 dia 

This chandelier will be supplied with 1m of chain, a ceiling rose, and E14 screw in bulbs


Please note that the chandeliers come with the following:

  • Non LED flame tip or almond shape bulbs
  • Candle sleeves are available in white or beige, but interchangeable for gold or silver. Please let us know if you'd like the gold or silver - otherwise the light will come with the candle sleeves pictured here.